Saturday, June 16, 2012


The Before and After look. Picked up this little chair at a garage sale. Had a time sanding it with all the layers of paint that were on it. I ultimately decided that it is cute as is, in that shabby chic way, with the layers of white and light green coloring. So, what you see is the before and the after look. I just smoothed out the rough edges a bit. 
      Repurposed by Regina

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Dolls

A collection of vintage baby dolls and their necessities.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Antique Chairs

Our latest project "Before" pictures. We found four of these antique chairs that someone threw out. As you can see, we have de-upholstered one of them. This is a tedious project as there are a million upholstery tacks and staples on these. Stay tuned as we progress to a beautiful set of four shabby chic re-upholstered chairs. They will look so updated and different from what you see now.  Repurposing by Regina and Lynette.
Making a little progress, 3 of the 4 chairs being prepped with primer. It's been a slow process, having to find the time to work on these lovelies-in-disquise.

Colorful Chair

This was an old unpainted, plain wooden chair I found. Had the paint and fabric already on hand. It was a careful and colorful piece of work, and I enjoyed creating it. It is no longer available.  Repurposed by Regina.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Camping Equipment, etc.

An old Coleman camping cook stove, a folding stool, 2 lanterns in boxes, and a very heavy iron cook stove.

Rustic Metals

Some of our rustic metals. On the left is a vintage carder (cotton comb) which sits atop an old bee smoker. Above is an old plumber's torch, and in the back is an iron cobbler's shoe lathe. At the front right, a small metal plant holder sits atop a round item, and we haven't a clue what that round item is, but it sure would be cute as a plate stand.

Unique Wall Shelf with Legs

We found this unique wall shelf, and it was free to us. It previously was a brown stained wood unit. We couldn't resist the unusual legs attached to the bottom. We painted it white and put it in the booth to sell, and it doubles as a display for our Easter items. If I only had a place for it in my house.  Repurposed by Lynette and Regina.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vintage Metal Chairs

The Before and After of these vintage metal chairs. A bright new look to an old dim view.  Repurposed by Lynette.

Lamp Faux Pas

Painted this lamp base. Didn't like the look. Started sanding it off and stopped in the process.  Liked the look.  Turned out a bit shabby chic.  You never know when a cute-accident will happen.  Shade made from an old chenille bedspread.  Repurposed lamp base by Regina.  Repurposed lamp shade by Lynette.

Decorative Boards

Took a couple of interesting shaped boards and added an interesting rustic medallion and horseshoes.  Painted the boards to fit into anyone's rustic style.  Repurposed by Lynette.

Window Quilt

An old window with a vintage quilt remnant added.  Repurposed by Lynette.

Ruler Topped Desk

This was a discarded desk I found. I put new vintage-looking handles on it and glued down wood rulers on top. Repurposed by Regina.

Suitcase Table

A vintage suitcase from our parents. Added a couple of small boards inside to enable adding some decorative feet to the bottom.  As a small table, it is still able to open for storing whatever.  Repurposed by Regina.

Red Kitchen Stool

This cute red kitchen stool was previously a worn green and metal stool. A little paint, some new step pads, new rubber feet, and some red and white toile fabric brought it up-to-date.  Repurposed by Regina. 

Jewelry Holder

An old chair back with added hooks on the edges. Painted white and vintage buttons added on top. Repurposed by Lynette.

Pretty in Pink

An old chair made "pretty in pink" and adding a black and white toile fabric to the seat.  Repurposed by Lynette.

The Booth. A small space in a big place.

The booth is located at Plano Antique Mall in Plano, Texas.